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Dive deep into the world of medicinal herbs. Acquaint yourself with a new plant every month with this membership. Learn all the tools you need to become your own herbalist!


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Learning herbs can feel overwhelming! Explore one plant every month with weekly lessons! Along with our monthly focus, explore other lessons on herbalism such as wildcrafting & seasonal herbalism, herbal medicine making, clinical herbalism and much more! 

Week One.

Meet your new medicinal plant! Learn all about its ecology, botany and identification! Discover where this plant grows, what season to harvest it, edible and medicinal parts and key identifying characteristics. 

Week Two.

Learn how this plant is used medicinally. Find how the properties, constituents, nutrition, phytochemicals and energetics make this plant a potent remedy for our bodies. 

Week Three.

Discover all the ways you can use this plant in your home medicine cabinet. Learn how to make different herbal recipes and how to incorporate it into your daily life! 

Week Four.

Dive deeper into the plant spirit world. Learn about the history, folklore, symbolism and deeper lessons surrounding this medicinal plant! 


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Plant Wisdom Portal Mission

My vision for the Plant Wisdom Portal is to teach what I know about herbs in an affordable and easily digestible way, create a community around conscious earth living, connect people and plants, empower you to become your OWN herbalist and design the right herbal medicines for you and your family confidently, educate about our reciprocal connection with nature so that you may all be advocates of the environment, and create a space where we can all practice of noticing the medicine that surrounds us!

Membership Benefits: 

  • Each month we study one herb that is broken down into weekly lessons!
  • Each week is a new aspect of the plant
  • Week One: Ecology, Botany and Identification 
  • Week Two: Properties, Energetics, Actions, Constituents 
  • Week Three: Uses, Preparations and Recipes 
  • Week Four: History, Folklore and Spirit Medicine 
  • Each week has a Reflection questions that will help solidify your understanding of the lesson! It will help you explore deeper thought when it comes to each aspect of the herb
  • Each week has an Activity! I implemented this because there are so many ways we can use all of our senses to engage in an herb! There are so many fun activities to do with plants and this is perfect section to do with your kids! 
  • I want you all to feel confident making your own herbal medicine. Herbal Medicine is truly peoples medicine and it belongs to all of us! Herbal remedies are easy to make and incorporate into your daily life. For members of the portal I am offering 50% my Herbal Medicine making course! 
  • Access to my Essential Oils mini-course for FREE! This is course simply on the science of essential oils- kind of an herbalists perspective. I am neither advocating or bashing. I just want you all to be empowered if/when you choose to use them! 
  • Extra Herbal Lessons! This will be building slowly each month as I add new lessons ranging from wildcrafting, clinical herbalism, seasonal herbalism, intuitive herbalism and spirit medicine, herbs for body systems etc.. 
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group! I know everyone has a facebook group these days, but man, I feel like I am attracting all the right people and our facebook group is so awesome and full of like-minded people! This community is one of my favorite things about the Portal! 
  • A monthly FREE plant walk or workshop guided by me! This could be a weed walk, a foraging outing, plant or nature meditation or herbal medicine making workshop! What does this mean for members who don’t live by me? I will be uploading videos for those who can’t attend! 
  • This membership is for people who are in all levels of learning herbalism.
  • Easy automatic payment of $19 each month. 

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What members are saying

"The Plant Portal is amazing!! Katie is very knowledgeable, fun and creative. As an herbalist she is professional, wise and an amazing group leader. We partnered one month to share the sacred art of Henna, the plant it comes from and the traditions that come with it. I tell everyone about this online group and portal. Many are craving for this information! She has made it easy, and created a fun loving and support group at the same time. Thank you Katie for all you do!"

Amanda G.

"Since joining the Plant Wisdom Portal I’ve connected with Mother Nature on a whole new level. I’ve always loved being barefoot on the Earth and had a special connection to nature but as an adult I felt intimidated by idea of learning about all the different plants and doing my own foraging or especially making my own medicine, so I just avoided it. The idea of foraging was so exciting and I knew it would ground me but I didn’t actually think I would already be using plants that I foraged in my own backyard as medicine. Katie Jo makes learning about plants fun, tangible and magical. We really dive deep into each plant and I’ve learned so much from her. She exudes excitement and joy and you feel that on her plant walks and just being in her presence as she shares her incredible wisdom. I now regularly collect violets and all sorts of plants around the area to benefit my own health."

Becky H.

"I absolutely love being a part of the Plant Portal. Katie Jo always has great information, great activities and lots of learning experiences for her herbalists-in-training. Her Plant Portal has renewed my love of herbs and thirst for herbal knowledge and I find that I am constantly looking everywhere I go now, to see what herbs I might find! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a great learning experience!"

Kathie G.

"I am so grateful to have added Katie Jo and the Plant Wisdom Portal in my life! I am learning so much about myself and the FREE medicine all around us! Wild Pine Healing is an amazing educational experience that provides relevant information for everyone to fully live in and learn their own health and their role in the environment both online and with workshops led by Katie Jo. The Plant Wisdom Portal takes members on a journey of self-discovery through herbalism with an easy structure to follow and explanations of each plant that are easy to understand. Katie Jo is a great teacher, and her passion for herbalism and learning shows when she shares her knowledge about the history, medicinal properties, and uses of each plant. I'm always amazed at how much she knows and so thankful for her expertise and guidance. Knowledge is power!"

Kaylee K.

" Going on a plant walk with Katie Jo is a fun and enriching experience. She is a knowledgeable guide that helps busy, working adults connect with nature and gives curious kids an escape from the video games. Her plant wisdom helps us all return to the abundant world growing right outside our windows. Katie Jo is helping to re-awaken our connection to the Earth in a way that is sustainable, healing and in community with other like-minded people. Learn how to use food as medicine and heal your mind and body- naturally with the Plant Wisdom Portal. It's an experience I'd recommend a million times over!"

Jennifer A.

"The Plant Wisdom Portal is a great way to not only expand your knowledge of plant medicine but connect with like minded people. Katie makes the craft easily understandable yet informative for herbalist of any skill level. I’d recommend this program for homeschoolers, herbalist, gardeners, and nature lovers alike."

Paige S.

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