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Discover Your Inner Herbalist

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Deepen Your Connection to Nature and Yourself


Develop the skills you need to be a confident herbalist for yourself, your family and community.


Connect to nature by learning how to sustainably wildcraft and forage, gather and grow medicinal plants.


Sharpen your innate healing intuition. Dive deep into your own cycles, rhythms, constitutions and connect with yourself and plants on a deeper level. 

Scenes from the Woods

Beautiful video of our Spring Plant walk by Jennifer An



A monthly plant study membership! Learn in depth information on a medicinal plant every month with weekly lessons. Reference the growing database of plants in the portal when you're a member!


Herbal Medicine Making Course

Discover the art & beauty of herbal medicine making! 

There is beauty and art in each preparation. Working with plants and preparing them in different ways is a wonderful way to connect to their potency and spirit! 

Discover how to design your very own herbal medicine cabinet for yourself, family and community by learning the elemental ways to prepare herbs!!



Herbalism is a timeless practice that belongs to each of us. Working with plant medicine is inherent knowledge that we have forgotten. Reconnect with nature and the rhythms & seasons of nature. Develop your intution and embark on your own healing journey with these courses. Discover your inner herbalist!

""I have been interested in plant-based medicine for a long time but was very intimidated by how to safely use herbs and plants for my physical and emotional health. I have been looking for natural ways to manage symptoms of stress and anxiety that flare up. Katie’s course was so informative and exactly what I was looking for! She taught me the basics of how plants and herbs are used. She also includes beautiful pictures and recipes so you can get started right away. I was so impressed with this course, it is something I can continue to refer to as I learn. It took what seemed like overwhelming information and simplified it into something that is easy to understand and can make huge improvements in your health and well-being" "

Aubrey M.

Discover your Inner Herbalist


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